We, humans, are part of a miraculous plan that unfolds upon lines of light and energy, a template of sorts.

We call that DNA.


How do we ‘unfold’ into physicality?

How does it all work?

What influence do we have on our DNA? How do our ancestors affect us, and how can we heal this?


An amazing recording that builds upon and deepens our current knowledge of DNA and a must-listen for those interested in the evolution of humanity on earth! 

We truly are weaving with ribbons of light! 




1) The thread to ancestral past and forecast of future, an overview 

2) From Soul intention into physical form

3) How do ancestral lines affect us? 

4) Social DNA 

5) History’s effect on our physical bodies 

6) Auto immune disorders and diseases of the western civilizations. 

7) How does spirit contribute to DNA

8) Activating Lemurian DNA

9) DNA in other places in the Universe.