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Herbal & Healing  Courses with Wendolyn Murdoch 

 Winter Wellness 

This course is a step to self-sufficiency and it feels good to know you can manage  most of the day-to-day basic health needs for you and your family.  No matter how busy you are you can use this course!  


Colds, flu, sinus issues, coughs, fevers, chest congestion and more. 


  • You will make a syrup, tincture, salve, throat lozenges, herbal steam, compress, ear oil a tea and a decoction.
  • Seven key herbs will be covered that have an affinity for the respiratory system.  


The Language of Plants

The Language of Plants is a foundational course that guides you through your senses to learn about plants in a more profound way! This course offers old-time wisdom through practical hands-on experience. 


Salves & Balms Course

Salves, used for common problems such as burns, scrapes, muscle pain, hemorrhoids, nerve pain, and arthritis, are covered in this course. Chest rub salve for colds and antiseptic and antifungal salves are just a few more to mention. We will also make medicated lip balms! Besides having fun making your own salves and balms, they are also economical and make great homemade gifts! 


Minimalist Herbalist


Learn about four herbs using your senses by tasting, smelling and observing!  Have fun making a tea, salve, infused oil and herbal honey.  Food recipes are included to incorporate herbs into your daily diet!

Spiritual Teachings with Red & the Council 

Belief Busting Course


Straightening out the lies of indoctrination


Transform your thinking, transform your life!

What is a successful life?

What we believe becomes our truth and forms our experiences. 

Our concepts become our constructs.

Success * Forgiveness * Unconditional Love * Soul Mates * Meant to Be * Soul Contracts * Mind Over Matter *.. are some of the concepts they cover in this 'rethink your core beliefs' course.


Connecting with Spirit Guides


The Council teach us about the systems of support in place that interconnect the physical and non-physical intelligence of this universe. This course shows us how we can connect to and work with this magnificent universal support system.


We will cover the many ways to connect to spirit.  Meditation, Automatic writing, Art, and Augury!

Our Relationship with Animals 


Coming Soon!

Four audio teachings.



Animals of the Earth

Crystals & Stones with Cindy Fougere

amethyst, crystal and rose quartz

Written in Stone Courses


  • Introduction 
  • Personal Protection & Boundary


  • Grounding & Balancing 
  • Placement stones for the Home



  • Communication with other Earthly Realms
  • Manifesting & Prosperity
  • Spiritual & Psychic Awareness
  • Love & Relationships



Psychic Courses with Krow Fischer  


Coming in 2022-Understanding the Tarot

The unfolding patterns of the Tarot peek out as we gain meaning to see our way illuminated. It is a gift and a responsibility, the reading of cards. Tarot is a story of the unfolding of humanity, a way to understand the ineffable, a way to help and heal that has been used for thousands of years. 

Coming soon-Karma, Healing the Ancestral Lines

What if you could see the unconscious bonds that hold us in destructive patterns, and had the tools to snip those ties? 
What if you understood why groups of people behave in particular ways, and with that understanding could help ease the tension, or at least come to peace? 
What if you could heal the land and restore energetic balance? 

What if you took this class and learned how to master these new skill sets and understandings that give you the power of healing karma?