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NEW: Starting Thursday April 22nd at 7:00 PM EDT. ZOOM MEET UP Mastering the Tarot Class with Krow Fischer 

Home Healer Series

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Home Healer Courses

The Home Healer series of courses are for everyone who wishes to become a Home Healer! You will learn about herbs, how to make medicines, other modalities and most importantly, how to use that knowledge to help your family and friends.   

The basics of Hands-on-healing, using water therapies, flower essences and floral waters will be coverd.  An introduction to working with a few stone beings, and basic essential oil use are also covered in these Home Healer courses. You can take all of the modules are just one it all depends on you.  Either way you will have a good start on building your own Home Apothecary!.

Colds, flus, & fevers Module coming in Fall of 2021

We will cover the maladies of the upper respiratory system. 

Colds, flu, sinus issues, coughs, fevers, chest congestion and more. 

  • You will make a syrup, tincture, salve, throat lozenges, herbal steam, compress, ear oil a tea and a decoction.
  • Five key herbs will be covered that have an affinity for the respiratory system.  
  • Also a kit is prepared for you to have all the ingredients and containers to make your Home Apothecary products if you should so wish. 


This will be a fun hands on course! 

It is a step to self-sufficiency and it feels good to know you can manage  most of the day-to-day basic health needs for you and your family.  No matter how busy you are you can use this course!   

Coming Soon!

Salves & Balms 


Salves & Balms is a fun 'stand-alone' course for beginner Green Witches and a great way to start working with herbs! Included are over 40  time tested formulas that I have used personally in my herbal practice for years. Each salve has at least two formulas as well as an essential oil formula where it is applicable. Add these salves and balms to your Home Apothecary and help your family and friends with the lumps and bumps of life.   


Salves, used for common problems such as burns, scrapes, muscle pain, hemorrhoids, nerve pain, and arthritis, are covered in this course. Chest rub salve for colds and antiseptic and antifungal salves are just a few more to mention. We will also make medicated lip balms as well as therapeutic roll-ons. Besides having fun making your own salves and balms, they are also economical and make great homemade gifts! 


Ginger & Cayenne salves

A single red poppy in a field

The Language of Plants

The Language of Plants is a foundational course that guides you through your senses to learn about plants in a more profound way! Reading about and memorizing medicinal properties can only give you the knowledge; this course offers old-time wisdom through practical hands-on experience. 


A sensory adventure of taste, touch, smell and sight, The Language of Plants invites you on a journey into the ways and wonders of the plant kingdom. To fully understand an herb and its healing potential is to observe and translate its unique language fully; you might call it the decoding of nature herself. 


The Language of Plants is an evergreen course, meaning you can take it all year round and complete it at your leisure.  Even though it is a self-directed course, I am always available for questions, comments, and to check your quizzes as you proceed. I look forward to seeing you in class!


Getting to Know the Stone Beings 


Cluster of clear quartz crystal surrounded by semi-precious stones.

Written in Stone Series

by Cindy Fougere

I've chosen to call this series of courses 'Written in Stone' because as you will see, the innate abilities and characteristics of each one of the Stone Beings really is written into their very make-up.


Join us in delving deeper into the realms of the Stone Beings and you will come away from this series of courses with the ability to effectively work with stones and crystals to assist in realigning and balancing your own personal energies. You’ll know how to lay stones on the body to assist family, friends, and even your pets.


You will learn how the stones can enrich your everyday life and assist with issues and concerns in your own healing journey. How to use them for channelling, manifesting, dreaming and more are covered.  Perhaps most importantly, you will develop intimate relationships with many of the Stone People, who are just as eager to get to know you as you are to learn about them! They will never be 'just rocks' again. 

amethyst, crystal and rose quartz

Introduction Course

In the Introduction course, we will take a look at how the individual vibrations of stones align with and enhance the frequencies of the

seven major energy centers of the human system.

We begin by working with two very friendly Stone People;

Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

These beings come alive for us as we become familiar with their individual vibrations and consciousness: while discovering the healing gifts

they have to offer humanity.

This is a prerequisite course!


More Courses

  • Personal Protection & Boundary
  • Grounding & Balancing 
  • Placement stones for the Home
  • Communication with other Earthly Realms
  • Manifesting & Prosperity
  • Spiritual & Psychic Awareness
  • Love & Relationships



Into the Mystic 


Introduction class starts Thursday, April 22 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
Meet up on Zoom, Convesations on a private Face Book Page registrants will be invited to. For those not on facebook, we can still make it work.
Email Krow Here if you wish to participate. 


The first cycle is Major Arcana in Real Life! You will intimately understand the magic and wisdom of each Major Arcana card in a deeply personal way. You could say, this class is designed to help you embody these powerful archetypes as allies in your life path.

The Major Arcana section is 9 weeks.


The second cycle explores the Minor Archana and will run for 3 classes.


People Cards will take 4 classes to embody, and Layouts and card reading will take 4 more classes, bringing our time together to 20 weeks.


By the end, you will know your tarot deck like the back of your hand and with practice and experience will be an expert card reader.

Written material will be posted for each class. Any questions can be asked and answered so all can learn from your observations.


Classes are $20.00 each and there will be homework each week, but the homework is designed to be done alongside, incorporated into your everyday life, so does not need to take up much extra time in a busy life. 


I will need a commitment from each of you to continue the work together to the best of your ability so our class stays a unit.

You can pay in installments, weekly, monthly, or however is easiest for you.

You can use e-transfer or square credit card payments. Register with Krow Here. 

If you cannot make a zoom meet-up, work with the written material for that week so you can catch up quickly on the next week's meet-up.
Excited to begin! 


Decades of teaching 'in-person' classes have evolved into online classes for the Here On Earth Academy, making them available worldwide, in your own home and at your own pace. This is my life’s work, passing on what I learn from Spirit, Earth & Life itself. 

Image of Hawaiian sunset Healing Ancestral LInes, Ho'Oponopono & the Art of Forgiveness

Coming Soon!

Karma, Healing 

the Ancestral Lines

with Krow Fischer

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action, word or deed that is closely associated with ideas of rebirth. In the Western new age understandings, it is used more like a reward-punishment idea. Understanding the truth about Karma can help you untangle from its influence over your life, helping chart a path forward that is in better alignment with your hopes and dreams. 


What if you could see the unconscious bonds that hold us in destructive patterns, and had the tools to snip those ties? 
What if you understood why groups of people behave in particular ways, and with that understanding could help ease the tension, or at least come to peace? 
What if you could heal the land and restore energetic balance? 

What if you took this class and learned how to master these new skill sets and understandings that give you the power of healing karma? 

Why Wouldn't you?


More in the works

Sacred Spaces, Healing the home and the land based on some of Reds brilliant teachings on Sacred Spaces, House & Home, and Personality of Place. 
Weavers Of Light A bookclub approch to Red's Book.
Understanding Chakras- A course I have taught for decades brought into online format 
Manifesting our Dreams This is NOT 'The Secret', but is a grounded aproach to co-creation that allows us to see what is behind desire and how to bring our desire into alignment with unfolding life. It is swimming with the current of life rather than imposing our often mistaken ideals upon it! Best of all, it works!   



Various tarot cards

Understanding the Tarot

The unfolding patterns of the Tarot peek out as we gain meaning to see our way illuminated. It is a gift and a responsibility, the reading of cards.

 Tarot is a story of the unfolding of humanity, a way to understand the ineffable, a way to help and heal that has been used for thousands of years. 


This is an in-depth course that evolved out of the in-person class I have taught for 30 years. Every card and combination is explored in practical hands on ways that allow the deep intuitive understandings to settle into personal knowing.

You will be a good card reader by the end of this class, able to use the Tarot for personal development and understanding as well as on behalf of those who ask for your help. You can go at your own pace as the course is self regulated, but I am available for support and questions throughout.

Council Teachings  

Woman made out of sticks

Coming Soon!

Belief Busting

Red & The Council of Elders

Straightening out the lies of indoctrination


In their humorous and compassionate way, the Council addresses some of the belief systems we carry that entrap us in dysfunctional thinking. 

When templates of understanding are erroneous, the beliefs we act out can be damaging to ourselves, our communities and the planet herself. That sure is obvious in today's world! 

This fun class takes a look at the misunderstandings that continue to be regurgitated in our modern world, helping us see clearly the ties that bind us. Critical thinking is engaged as we delve into straightening the lines of misunderstanding to find our clear truths buried beneath.

Those 'Aha!' moments the Council are famous for evoking punctuate the lively learning curve offered in their course on busting problimatic beliefs. 

Success * Forgiveness * Unconditional Love * Soul Mates * Meant to Be * Soul Contracts * Mind Over Matter *.. are some of the concepts they cover in this 'rethink your core beliefs' course, offered by Red & The Council of Elders in co-operation with Krow & Wendy.