Awakening Spirit 

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Spiritual Guidance & Channelled Teachings 

to navigate and support you through these changing times!

Expert Psychic Advice & Support

for all of Life's questions and concerns.

Herbal & Natural Therapies 

 for optimal health and wellbeing.

Thanks to Jamie Sherman for the beautiful photo!

In these times of transformation, it's easy to feel hopeless and forget who we are and why we are here.

At Here on Earth, you can find your way through whatever challenges you face with access to unique, in-depth spiritual teachings with seasoned advisors to address personal and collective needs through audio recordings, courses, blogs and individual counselling sessions. You are not alone in this. Support is all around you, Here On Earth.


When life gets too much for you, we are here.

We provide practical guidance and support with one-on-one counselling, offering direction with a deeper understanding of whatever is needed to bring back to balance life's physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects.


Need support with health and well-being?

Navigating health issues is tough, so we offer practical and well-informed guidance and one-on-one support here. Healing with Herbs, Hands-On Lightwork and natural therapies to support whatever ails you, be it digestive, physical issues, anxiety, or depression. 

Added Benefits

A vast source of Channelled Knowledge-  Deep universal wisdom from The Council of Elders is brought through with their audio recordings on every conceivable topic. Some of MP3 topics are 'What is Time' MP3 and another is the 'Living in a State of Grace' MP3 to the Story of "Mary Magdelene" MP3! 

Personal Development- we have channelled recordings, courses, articles and blogs to stimulate the mind and imagination of those seeking truth and understanding of how life works here on Earth. Humanity is rapidly evolving, and we've got many decades of support gathered here! Enjoy!

Learn New Skills- with our Classes and Courses. Herbal, Tarot, Psychic Development and Spirit Guide courses, Stones and Crystals and more! 

Check out some of our Freebies at the Here On Earth Academy!

What People Say

"Here On Earth Is a place of healing laughter reflection and perspective, the services that Wendy, Krow and the Council provide are so priceless they can't even really be put into words, they help you reach your highest potential in your mind, your body and your spirit I don't know where I would be without them."     TP Cobourg 

'The grounded wisdom, guidance and support I have received over the years through personal sessions with Red and The Council of Elders, Krow and Wendy have literally changed my life. Not to mention the Conversations With Red & the Council Mp3 recordings. If I could bring one thing with me to a deserted island it would be these recordings. These teachings have expanded my understanding of this planet, the universe and my connection to spirit immeasurably. I am eternally grateful!"                                 DL Toronto

" I have never found such accuracy, insight and wisdom compiled in one website as I discovered on Here On Earth. The information is light years ahead of the narcisstic prattle that too many influencers peddle in the online world of so called spirituality.   Both Ms. Murdoch and Ms. Fischer are true leaders in their respective fields, and the work they bring through from Spirit is essential knowledge for finding our way to a better future for all."         AP          


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  • Interesting articles & recipes, & helpful herbs & health advice
  • Expert teachers, counsellors and healers
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  • Wide range of services- psychic and channelling session, herbal and hands on healing consultations available. 
  • Support in real time- If you need us we will be there
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Weekly Oracle Card 


Week of November 26th


Wendy did this weeks Oracle and pulled the Star card.

The Universe is offering us an opportunity

for our hopes and dreams to manifest.

An optimistic card for this week!
 From Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura 



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