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What People Say about Us

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    I have found the website, along with the curators and creators of the website and all its belongings have only been positively helpful in my journey.

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    I have never found such accuracy, insight and wisdom compiled in one website as I discovered on Here On Earth. The information is light years ahead of the narcisitic prattle that too many influencers peddle in the online world of so called spirituality.
    Both Ms. Murdoch and Ms. Fischer are true leaders in their respective fields, and the work they bring through from Spirit is essential knowledge for finding our way to a better future for all. 

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    1) It is a real gift to connect with Krow, a psychic and channel of great integrity, honesty and insight.  And through her, with Red and The Council of Elders.  This experience has deepened my understanding of myself and the world around me.  Krow creates a beautiful, nurturing and safe space, that opens us up to greater understanding and higher consciousness.  I consider myself among the lucky souls to have connected with her : )  Thank you Krow for being you and offering your service in the world.  I have greatly benefited from your gifts.  Thank you.

     I.S., Toronto Canada

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    Although a little apprehensive of having a session with Red, my first experience was in a group setting which provided me with a level of comfort and familiarity. The conversations I now have with Red offer an in-depth and mind-blowing clarity surrounding the challenges I face and curiosities I have. No topic is off limits, no judgments are made.” - R T   Quebec

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    Krow, Red, Wendy

    Just wanted to thank you for the time and energy you’ve given me over the last few weeks. The support is wonderful.

    I am applying the information given to me. I have also shared this tape with my wife.

    All is good and keeps getting better and better! Yummy yummy yummy ya!!

    Right away I started with the info. given on how to balance my health. In just a week. I don’t have to take my nap’s anymore and have 80% of my energy back. Words cannot describe how I feel again. I’m becoming me again. Ya!

    I will be in touch again. Thank you for listening to me. While listening to the tape I realized I did a lot of talking. Appreciate you listening (All of you) and holding space for me.
    You are welcome to use this testimonial if you’d like. Love to you all.  Tunkashila aya niye wastepelo!  John Wilson FL.  US

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    Wendy and Krow! Here On Earth Rocks!!! I love you both and I am very grateful that the universe brought us together. I can't imagine life without you. Even though I don't see you often enough, life feels more bearable just knowing that you are in the world.

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    "The MP3s that Red and the Council of Elders, Krow and Wendy have made available, are invaluable!  The teachings they have provided have articulated and enriched my understanding of things seen and unseen. Many thanks!"                         ML

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     "I had my first Deep Trance Channeling with Krow and experienced the communication with Red and The Council of Elders in 2001. It was hard to believe at first that such a thing is even possible. After many personal and group readings asking countless questions I feel eternally blessed to have had these experiences as they have given me so much clarity about life which leads to an incredible peacefulness within. Such an incredible gift Krow has and with each recording as well as her book, one can find so much wisdom from beyond the veil." 

    -Luanne F.P

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    Krow has helped me to find clarity and deeper meaning in my experiences when I felt stuck. I knew I needed a higher consciousness perspective to help guide me through my own fear beliefs. Her services and insights were exactly what I needed to move forward on my journey. I am grateful for the services you provide. - Grace Debassige-Peltier


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    My husband and I have known Krow and Red for almost 10 years, this lifetime.

    The wisdom they have provided us through their teachings and personal sessions have been helpful, supportive and enlightening!

    We are grateful to Krow and The Council of Elders for their service to support humanity and the planet.💖

    Pamela Blessing Hanny NY

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    From the first session with Red, I experienced a joining with the kindest spirit with boundless knowing. Such a deep comfort in the wisdom, knowledge and guidance shared. Each and every session I experienced a deepening of “being known” and loved. Krow is an incredible channeled, Red a true guide and source of wisdom. Jo-Anne B

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    Krow has helped us through many years with insight and help.  We value her advice, thoughts and as well her channeling with Red and the Council of Elders.  
    Through Krow, Red and the Council have provided very deep and insightful information on many things that have affected us both personally and also with an overall world view.
    Our understanding of ourselves, the world around us, the universe, and the spiritual have grown with their help and guidance and we are forever grateful for having Krow and Red in our lives.

    Anne & Bob

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    Over the years we have benefited immensely by time spent with both Krow and Red. Whether it be a Tarot consult with Krow, or a channeling session with Red, we always walk away with new and profound awareness and insights. In fact, we have regular sessions every 4 months or so to keep us on track with our personal growth and to keep us inspired through the challenging times. Our entire family is committed to working with this wonderful team for as long as the opportunity is available. We are blessed to have Krow in our lives and thank her for the extraordinary opportunity she has made available to us.

    The M Family

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     I am so grateful for my connection to Krow and Red and the Council of Elders.

    The knowledge, insights and understandings that I have gained from them over the last 20 years has enriched my life immeasurably.

    Red and the Council have assisted and guided me, my family and many of my clients through so many life events. They have given us support, great advise and at times courage to navigate this life that can have so many twists and turns. D.E.

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    "I consider myself to be privileged beyond what words can express to have found my way to Krow Fischer, Wendy Murdoch and The Here On Earth Community. The grounded wisdom, guidance and support I have received over the years through personal and group sessions with Red and The Council of Elders, as well as personal sessions with Krow and Wendy has literally changed my life. Not to mention the Conversations With Red & The Council of Elders recordings. If I could bring one thing with me to a deserted island it would be these recordings. These teachings have expanded my understanding of this planet, the universe and my connection to spirit immeasurably. I am eternally grateful!"

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    I’ve known Krow for 20+ years now and I have witnessed her openly honest and compassionate nature towards our planet, its many beings and humanity, time and again. As a psychic and deep-trance channeler, she is simply the best. It’s been a blessing to have the Council of Elders here to guide me through these many years with their clarity of vision, advice, and understanding. CF

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    On channelling with Red & The Council of Elders...


    “Simply put, I love the ‘old guy’.  

    The experience of talking to Red I analogize as having access to one of God’s Vice Presidents.  

    I have never found information, guidance and direction this powerful anywhere else or from a source that feels so clean and divine.” - D R  Montreal Quebec.


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    This is a letter of testimony regarding Wendy Murdoch of Oakendell. 

    I met Wendy approximately 10 years ago. It wasn’t until 2004, nearly 5 years ago, that I realized from a personal perspective just how gifted a healer she is.

    In November of 2004, my life, as I knew it, abruptly shattered into a million fragments. Without going into too much detail, I completely lost all Will to live. I now know that we are very capable of grieving ourselves to death.
    All of my vital organs began to shut down. I was dying and didn’t care. Dying was a very physically painful experience, as my organs began to shut themselves down slowly. The physical pain was unbearable, but did not even come close to the emotional agony. I tried to keep working out of sheer force of habit; something like a robot. Most days, I just closed my office door, crawled into a little ball in the corner and cried and begged to be taken from my agonizing misery... continued..


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    But I knew I couldn’t let myself die. I couldn’t leave my daughter.

    I can’t tell you why I chose Wendy Murdoch as a healer, but I believe that I was guided there by a much stronger force than myself.

    The long journey of healing began…… she helped me slowly gather all of the fragmented pieces of myself.

    Wendy has the ability to open herself up to the loving light of the universe. She intuits exactly what is needed. She uses herself as a tool for the healing to come through. Her wisdom and skill is experiential, as well as, extensively studied. Wendy is genuine. I consider Wendy Murdoch to be the most gifted healer I have ever known or known of. I am honoured to know her and have her as a friend. I am forever grateful to whatever loving force, lead me to her for healing.

    I am still in healing process but when I look back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come since the day I first walked into Wendy’s healing centre. -- Debbie Hoskin

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    I don’t want to sound too over-the-top in my review of Krow/Red’s services, but this has truly been one of the most valuable things in my life. Krow is an amazing channeler and a wise healer in her own right. She makes space to channel a being affectionately referred to as Red. This being offers a wider view of our human activities and comes through on the energy of pure love – a feeling which brings me to tears. Continued...


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         ...continued... One is able to ask for information not available elsewhere, about past lives, one's guides or guardian angels,  if you have known someone previously and the specifics, and about one’s life purpose. One can also ask the larger questions about life, though the answers are sometimes difficult to grasp. Even personal questions like “how can I get along with my spouse?”, or “why is my child doing X behavior?” are responded to with valuable information. (I am a psychologist so I know useful counsel when I hear it!)

     This is real information, not things like “I see a rose – do you know someone who passed who was fond of roses?“, which I abhor. These sessions have been life changing for me. I could not recommend them more highly!

    Lisa Brothwell PhD