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Here On Earth to explore, we have a fresh buffet served up monthly on our private members site. Check it out!

What is included on the Membership Site

Council Talks

REDTalks Ideas worth listening to.   Enlightening & encouraging, the Council address important events affecting us during these changing times.

What to know more about the Council? 

Tarot Forecast

Outlooks and insights, from our resident mystic & medium, Krow lays the cards on the table.  Monthly world forecasts!

Check out what's expected for 2021! 

Health & Wellness

Health tips and information from our healer and herbalsit Wendolyn.

Forest Meditations

Meditations to help you ground & stay balanced during these turbulent times. Come & enjoy Krow's soothing voice as you go deep into the earth. 


Mp3s Library

A Monthly mp3 of your choice from our digital library!


Online Courses

Monthly classes for OBH members.


Community Offerings

Talent & wisdom from within the

On Being Human Community   

Monthly Projects

Fun and informative monthly projects from Earth celebrations to making infused oils.  

Greening Up

Ideas & Inspirations for sustainable & community living.  

What Our Members Say

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     “Human beings need connection and community to thrive.  Given the times we are living in, On Being Human is a wonderful online resource which delivers just that!”

                                                                                                                Donna,  Toronto


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    'You have provided an open forum and teaching site. Your work helps us understand and prepare for the future. Hopefully we are establishing a community across the miles or kilometres that separate.'                                                      TG

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    Creators - Wendolyn, Herbalist/Healer, and Krow, Psychic Counselor/Channeler, draw upon their deep wisdom and share their extraordinary gifts. These include virtual classes and articles that promote health and wellbeing; interactive forums; and monthly Tarot forecasts which offer relevant insights. I love love love this site it is so informative and helpful in my everyday life.     DL

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    There’s so much to explore in its contents (courses, recordings, energetic readings, and much more) that I’ve always had a positive experience here. 

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    I have found the website, along with the curators and creators of the website and all its belongings have only been positively helpful in my journey. I admire all of the work, and offerings here in On Being Human.  KV

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    On Being Human is a one-stop-shop for a conscious, and friendly, community of shared wisdom, insight, and helpful tools along the human journey. 

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    Thank you Red, Krow and Wendy of onbeinghuman.ca for keeping me grounded during these crazy times and thereby helping me keep my clients grounded! It is so helpful to be shown 'the big picture' and receiving insights as to where we are in this journey of becoming loving humans. Thank You! AH 

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    "The MP3s that Red and the Council of Elders, Krow and Wendy have made available, are invaluable!  The teaching they have provided have articulated and enriched my understanding of things seen and unseen. Many thanks!"                         ML