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Picture of Krow FischerI've had a life long fascination with these archetypical imageries 

​​​​​​​& how they work as divination tools.

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My tutelage in Tarot began with my personal spirit guides instructing me on the Tarot's history and evolution while I was in my early teens. 

Mother Peace Cards

Viki Nobel's work with the Motherpeace cards has been another important source of wisdom I draw from as when I discovered her work, I saw a deep kinship with what I had been taught by spirit. Her cards are, by far, my favourite Tarot deck.  

Tarot cards are an ancient form of self-development, insight and divination based upon the representative imagery we have created as a collective throughout human history. Using these images, your unconscious self lays out your "story" in pictures. My job as the reader is to tell you the story you are presenting to yourself. 

I also use my clairvoyance and clairaudience skills to access further information from your guides and guardians when we work one on one and when laying the cards out on someone's behalf when at a distance, like for phone or zoom readings.  

When I do readings on behalf of a collective, I call in Universal guidance to assist. I do this for yearly and monthly forecasts for our onbeinghuman membership site.

Tarot Mix hereonearth.aI love doing Tarot readings. It still fascinates me just how uncannily accurate the cards can be, and I have been playing with them for over forty years! Tarot and divination cards are both used to create clarity and depth for your personal understanding and guidance.

Tarot follows a specific format with 22 Major Arcana cards, 12-16 people cards depending on the deck, and 40 Minor Arcana. I know Wikipedia says differently, but I have to go with what my guides taught me in the pre-internet days. They said that when the purging of mystics began during Europes' witch hunts' times along with the rounding up of heretics, the Tarot went underground as a game. Our everyday playing cards are based on the People cards, King, Queen and Jack, and the four suits of ace to ten of the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana were excluded, and some versions took the young feminine out of the game. The young feminine shows up in some older Tarot decks as 'page' whereas newer ones have daughter & son as well as the King & Queen, restoring the ancient tarot pattern.

Divination cards can be any image and have no particular order or template they follow. They could be animal images, offering each creature's essence as a helper, Goddess cards, Butterflies, Trees, Rocks, Birds or a series of artistic interpretations of ideas. Divination cards can be anything really, each offering an idea, attitude, or a way of being that can be helpful.

CHAKRA READING I have developed a system of divination and insight based upon the chakra system. This reading helps you assess the patterns you are holding and how they are, or are about to manifest that reality in your life. Making the changes necessary can transform what you are unconsciously creating into a conscious and responsible life path.

SPIRAL READING This more traditional reading looks at where you have been, where you are now, and where you are heading. Understanding your patterns and changing them can enhance or alter your life. Love, Career, Personal Development, Relationships and Healing are some of the possible places to focus on. Both types of readings will bring answers to all these intertwined aspects of your life.

Here is a full reading with the focus of what was coming up for 2020. It was done in December of 2019.

 I included it so you can witness how amazingly accurate the cards are, even though NOBODY was expecting 2020 to unfold as it did!  2020 certainly DID bring the tower upon us because of the imbalance we created with the earth. It also showed the yearning that moved up through us, a deep desire for a compassionate, caring world, where all are treated equally with the respect deserved. We had to flip the devil card first. Outcome? The Emperor was overthrown.

Contact me  krow@hereonearth.ca to set up a time to explore what your cards have to say. 

YES, with Telephone, ZOOM or FACETIME we can do Tarot readings for these COVID times and for those too far away to get to the yurt!

Readings are recorded as a courtesy, but you may want to record on your end as well.

Tarot Readings are $80.00

If you have a Canadian account, you can email transfer to krow@hereonearth.ca

If you prefer to pay with a credit card, you can contact me ahead and I can process your card through 'Square".