About Personal Sessions with Krow


I have been connected to spirit and have worked with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities since early childhood and offer these gifts in service to those who may benefit from a personal one on one time with me. .

Decades of apprentice with the Council of Elders have been an honour and a privilege that has taught me more than I could ever have imagined. I have traveled and met many amazing mentors from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds that have contributed to my personal knowledge and experience.

 It has been a very interesting and fulfilling life and I am privileged to have had the amazing support and opportunities it has offered me.

As I enter my crone years I am excited to share all I have gathered and gleened from the experiences and connections I have enjoyed throughout my lifetime  Here On Earth. I hope my life's work may be of service.

We can talk about anything at all in a personal session.

You have me for at least an hour to discuss whatever is going on for you. I do not work alone.

My own guides are brilliant. I know, it's not fair that I get the credit! LOL 

I also work with the Council of Elders, and more importantly, I tap into your guides and ancestors as well. A personal session is a group dynamic.

Taking the time to think about what topics you want to cover, what questions you need answered is a good way to set up for an informative and hopefully healing conversation that can sort out some crooked lines and offer insight and advice moving forward in life. 

Loved ones in spirit can be invited in during our time as well.  BACK TO BOOK YOUR TIME WITH ME HERE