Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, yarrow flowers, beeswax, tea tree essential oil

Yarrow Salve 

Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, menses, rheumatic joints, cuts and scrapes 


Yarrow is a humble little herb you see growing in the meadows with its tiny white flowers and feathery leaves and has been used by the common folk for time out of mind. Many names, such as soldier's wort, have been known by this plant because it staunches blood flow. This unique property of yarrow being a 'blood mover' makes it a staple herb for most herbalists.


This ability to move the blood is helpful for hemorrhoids as they are areas of congested blood. Applying yarrow will allow these hemorrhoids to release the held blood and reduce swelling, discomfort and itching. Yarrow tones and tightens tissue, or what is called having an astringent property.

Yarrow salve is excellent for varicose veins helping to move congested blood upwards to the heart as you massage the salve into your legs. Put your feet up higher than your heart after administering the salve to allow gravity to do its work as well.

If you feel heavy with your menses and nothing is flowing, or too much is flowing, drinking yarrow tea or tincture may help. Also, why not try rubbing some salve on your abdomen to get some relief.

Yarrow has a distinct aromatic odour which tells us it also has anti-microbial properties (kills bacteria, virus, fungus), making it have double-duty when dealing with hemorrhoids as it also keeps the area clean and antiseptic. Useful for cuts and wounds as it stops bleeding and works as an antiseptic.

Rheumatic joints respond well to yarrow salves as well as minor cuts and wounds. So if you are out and cut yourself, find some yarrow, chew it up, and apply the poultice directly to the wound to stop bleeding. Also, stuff some up your nose to stop nosebleeds. I know sounds charming! Never know you might find this handy one day.


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