Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, Solomon's Seal rhizome, beeswax, lavender essential oil

Solomon's Seal Salve

Solomon’s seal is excellent for any injury: tendonitis, injured tendons, sprained ankles, pulled muscles, and damaged connective tissues. 


In the Doctrine of Signatures, the root (rhizome) of Solomon's Seal looks like bones. This observation led the old-time herbalists to experiment to see if it worked on that part of the body.  Well, Solomon's Seal certainly does and is fantastic in assisting imbalances of the bodies' structures, i.e. tendons, ligaments, bones.  


When you pull a muscle, you have muscle pain, but you also have the tendons connecting the muscles to the bones in need of healing. These connective tissues are a web throughout the body that holds all of the muscles. Solomon’s Seal adds moisture, ensuring that fluid balance is correct in these areas, making certain nutrients are getting where they need to go.  This allows these tissues to heal from their 'pulled-out-of-shape state' back to "where they should be state.'  

This fantastic herb is helpful for ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints. One of my family members uses it for their trigger finger, and it does an excellent job for her, so much so she no longer needs injected cortisone shots!  I recently used Solomon's salve for a ligament problem with my knee, which indeed helped a long-standing problem.  


One and half ounce salve is $14.00 including shipping in Canada 

Two salves are $24.00 including shipping in Canada

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