Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, goldenseal root, myrrh gum, beeswax, tea tree essential oil

Goldenseal & Myrrh Salve 

Antiseptic infection fighting salve for cuts, wounds, burns, scrapes, bug bites, stings and rashes.  


Goldenseal has powerful antimicrobial properties and is used in all types of infection, both internally and externally.  Externally used for burns, scrapes, cuts, wounds bites & stings, & rashes .  Combined with myrrh, it provides a potent mixture to avoid and clear up infections. 


Goldenseal grows in small amounts in the woods and might be considered a singular, loner-type plant. This tells us goldenseal is not for general use but specific disorders and is not to be taken internally for long periods. 

Regrettably, this beautiful little plant has been over-harvested to the point of extinction, so please do not go out looking for it. I only use ethically harvested goldenseal. 


DO not use on open deep punctured wounds for that you need medical assistance. Always consult medical help if the infection worsens.


One and half ounce salve is $14.00 including shipping in Canada

Two salves are $24.00 includes shipping in Canada

US orders I wll send the cost of mailing before sending.