Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, black walnut hulls, beeswax, Tea Tree essential oil

Black Walnut Salve 

Black Walnut Salve is a very good multi-purpose salve that can treat numerous skin conditions that include athletes's foot, ringworm, boils, blisters, candida, toe nail fungus, eczema, insect bites, rashes, and can also be used as a spot treatment for acne. Also, it helps with herpes lesions and cold sores.


The black walnut tree has a lengthy history of use in herbal traditions. For example, in the Doctrine of Signatures, the walnut looked like the brain's two hemispheres and was used to ease headaches. In fact, walnut oil contains omega oils that help nourish the brain. 


The North American indigenous people such as the Cherokee, Delaware, Iroquois and Meskwaki tribes have a history of crushing the husks and leaves for ringworm infections. Also, an infusion of nutshells was used for skin inflammations and soothing the itch of insect bites. 


Herbalists use black walnut hulls to treat all types of fungal infections; athlete's foot, ringworm and candida, to name a few. Also, the salve helps with herpes lesions and cold sores.


Observing how the Black walnut tree lives tells you of its potential healing properties.  This tree does not like competition for the earth resources from which it needs to grow.  So it has developed a chemical constituent called juglone which is toxic to all plants that come within the range of this tree. You will not see anything grow under a walnut tree for this very reason.  We use juglone to fight fungus and parasites, which it does fabulously well.


Internally black walnut will assist in ridding the body of fungal infections and all types of parasites, including worms and pinworms. A powerful medicine indeed!


Mother nature has rhyme and reason, and learning her patterns is intriguing and magical and is a first step in becoming a green witch. However, magic is not just magic wands and cauldrons bubbling but an understanding that plants, the earth and stones all have consciousness and personalities that you can get to know. 


The husks are used and ground into a powder, which is used to make your infused oils.

Adding Tea Tree Essential oil to your anti-fungal salve makes it that more potent. 


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