Health  Consultations

For true healing to occur when someone is not feeling well, all aspects of their lives should be examined to find the source of their imbalances.


Some aspects to consider are diet, working conditions, the state of relationships, personal and ancestral history, and their emotional and mental temperament.


As a picture of the person's life unfolds, the healer can start to look at what therapies may be helpful. Perhaps Energy work, Lightwork,  massage, yoga or meditation will be reccomended. Herbs may be used to help bring the body into balance as well as vitamins or mineral supplementation. This consultation is a blend of herbal and energy work and lifestyle coaching. 


Being a good healer also includes listening, caring, and committing to the person you are assisting with their healing journey.  

Buddha statue with a plant in the background

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Initial 2 hour appointment is $100.00


Wendolyn Murdoch 


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