Chapter Outlines

Chapter One:  In the Beginning

Outlines the origins of the universe and shows us how these same dynamics continue to ripple through all of creation, including our own conception in this lifetime. Simple examples are used to illustrate how a multitude of realities and perspectives co-exist. 

'Where you, as a soul, put your conscious intention, is where you manifest yourself.'


Chapter Two: The Unfolding of the Human Experience

Shows how the development of our personal consciousness reflects the unfolding of the universe and how our collective conscious states create the cultures and realities we live in. We gain insight into how the Earth reflects all universal understandings back to us.

'The Earth has the answer to every question; in fact, she has a thousand answers to most questions.'


Chapter Three: Starlight Starbright

This chapter describes how the light of the sun brings into manifestation all of the physical reality that we experience, and how the light of the more distant suns, the stars, bring in the etheric, or ‘idea’ realities that we base our manifestations upon.

'Here you stand, a soul anchored in place and time, surrounded by the unlimited possibilities of atomic configurations, continually impulsed by the swirling energies of  molecular vibrations, while, at the same time, you are impulsed by the streams of light pouring in from the heavens. This is the warp and weft of the energy and light, out of which you weave your physical reality.'

Chapter Four:  Weaving of Realities

Chapter four further explores how we weave our lives, choosing DNA strands from our ancestors and light impulses from the stars to configure our life paths. Each physical manifestation on Earth is a product of each thought, feeling, what is and has been, impulsed from the heavens.

These concepts help us to see what we have chosen, and how to look at the different choices available to us.

'We would like to help you understand what you have been weaving with and to possibly offer some other choices of reality to bring in.'


Chapter Five: Time and Place

Continues exploring how our DNA choices of physical ancestry and our starlight choices of soul experience create the lifetimes we are living, and how this collectively shapes our planet’s experience. This chapter takes these concepts out into the collective universe.

Just as your life is a microcosm of all of the lives of your soul, so Earth reality is also a microcosm of all of the realities expressed in this universe.

Historically and culturally, we see how our personal beliefs and understandings are reflected even in the simple choice of how to clothe ourselves.  Further illustrations show how we have limited ourselves to a very narrow reality, compared to what the Earth actually offers. 

'This Earth is meant to reflect a multitude of realities. She has the ever-changing sands of the desert, the bright blue skies, the flowering cacti, the bright creatures that live in this reality, and the ever-changing, ever-flowing sands. She has the waterfalls and the jungles of emerald green, and brilliant flowers and birds and creatures darting about so full of life, that it is an entire orchestra of colour and vibration and sound. She has the mossy banks of the gentle flowing river. She has the plains waving their grasses as far as the eye can see. She has the ocean waves of blue that can turn so quickly to rolling, roaring waves of grey. She has a multitude of realities from the glistening white of the glacial snows of the far North, to the tropical heat and beaches of the Caribbean. Of all the possibilities she offers, why have you all agreed upon one?'


Chapter Six: Pyramid Reality

Chapter six outlines how our planet began to change from circle based communities and ideologies, to pyramid based realities, even within physical structure.

The changing of molecular structure led to the makings of metals, which began wars on a scale that the Earth had not seen. The changing of molecular structure into different metals created the realities of the armies, which came forward to conquer and takeover the existing cultures.

It becomes apparent that the shape of the pyramid has been imposed on our educational, financial, religious, governmental and health systems. It has become such a part of our collective thought processes that it is a genuine awakening to realise that there is another way to view things.

'The Earth offered each person free use of her atoms to create life with. She didn’t decide whose ideologies she was going to support and who she isn’t.'

Examples of the circle ways are given to awaken our collective memory of different times and places when circle communities thrived.


Chapter Seven Ways and Weavings of the Circle.

Chapter seven takes us from the vast circles of our solar systems and galaxies to the circles of our Earth reality.

The stars are representative of the atoms of the Creators. Your physical reality is based upon universal reality, point for point.

We begin to understand that the information impulsing from the various star systems has had an immense impact on our social development and we realise that we have an abundance of other ideas to choose from. 

You come to understand that you are part of this great dance, that you are a star or planet, and that you are one aspect of this whole revolving consciousness of light and that your place in that dance is important.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions and choosing to experience differently, changes our lives.

'There is another way to shift realities. It does not have to follow that old pattern of toppling the pyramid; it could follow a different pattern. You could choose new light and new configurations from the stars.'


Chapter Eight: Drumming in a New Reality 

Using an illustration involving a few characters, we are shown how each scenario is created out of the collective consciousness being held by each participant. This chapter uses the story of a drummer, which someone from any cultural background can relate to, which helps us to see our impact on each other and the life we create together.

'You have a choice of what rhythms you dance to in this life, not for an outcome, not for a purpose, but to be in that moment dancing to your truth. This is freedom, this is bliss, and this is your birthright, all of you. The circle of life on this planet has its arms open to each one of you.'


Chapter Nine:  Opportunity Knocks 

We are at a point in star history that causes us to see patterns that have been hidden in the past. At this pivotal point we need to be aware so that we can make a conscious choice for our planetary evolution. Guiding us back through our collective histories, we see what threads were brought in from different places on the planet, and how they play out in our realities today. Those historical times of change are compared to what we are experiencing collectively now, with all the earth changes happening in our world

'You are all children of the Creator and you are all given the same access. What you believe and perceive of yourself and your relationship with creation is what you weave into your realities. This is a time of great opportunity that has not been here for a long time. You can take this opportunity and make that leap in consciousness that is required to bring all of Earth to a state of grace. It is not meant that only a few masters benefit from the magic of the land or the skies, it is meant as a birthright for all souls.' 


Chapter Ten: The Pyramids are Shaking

Chapter ten outlines what has been happening as we experience these shifts and what we can do collectively, to help stabilize the changes.

There are points all across the globe, where as the pyramid tumbles, the fighting for the new top place is vicious and ferocious. What is needed is for all of you to stand in the circle, and hold that alternative. As the earth goes through her changes, we are able see different ways that the world collective is responding.

 'The old ways of the pyramid are dying and those who cling to it are dying with it. The Earth cannot support and sustain those ideas, for they are not the ideas the stars are sending anymore.'


Chapter Eleven: Individual and Collective Responsibility 

This chapter presents a way that we can examine our individual contribution, or highest path. We are asked to look at our personal histories, by examining our birth patterns, family dynamics and the stars prominent at our birth times; to learn about our ancestries and their belief systems and examine what genealogical histories we are weaving with. Information is revealed showing how some of these old ancestral patterns have been creating the destructive weather patterns we are now experiencing. We are encouraged to look at the histories of the areas we live in, and examine whether the histories we know are truth, partial truth or lies. Assuming the responsibility of where we were born, what we brought in and how we react as individuals brings greater self awareness and empowerment. 

'You are all waiting for someone to come and do it for you; whether it be a Messiah, a Saint, Armageddon, or whatever it is you think is going to come and make these changes for you. I ask you, when has God ever come and done your work for you? You’ve all had to do it yourselves. Every great cataclysmic event that has ever happened on your planet has to do with where you, collectively, led your planet at that time. What you created is what you accepted as reality.'


Chapter Twelve: The Warp and Weft of You 

The warp and weft delves deeper into the examination of the threads we as individuals bring through to weave with, from choices of location, time, place and DNA lines. Personal blueprints can be read by our choices of place on the planet, from birth onward and even by what we eat and where that food is grown.

'Each one of you, look at yourselves as a being with all of these different threads gathered to yourself here; all the threads of your ancestors, the threads of your histories, the molecular and atomic threads of the land you are currently living on, all the threads of the energies of the sun that come here, the energies of the plants you eat and the earth that you walk on. Each one of these is like a different colour of thread and all of those that you have gathered together in your hands are what you have to work with, are what you have to weave with.' 


Chapter Thirteen: Your Personal Indoctrination or Brainwashing 101 

Educational systems, the effects of our cultural upbringing, hobbies, sports, stories and songs and how they reflect our indoctrination are explored. It is made clear how the current pyramid system uses education and media to maintain this reality and that by questioning what is presented, we can begin to formulate our own views and understandings and make our own choices.

 'What you can see from this viewing point of awareness is that all of this is an illusion; all of this is the creation of belief and mindset. Things are moving in a particular direction because of the way people hold their mindset and beliefs. As you change that within yourself it does not mean you have to quit your job at the lumber mill; it does not mean that you have to walk away from the office where you work. It means that you have to bring your understandings into the reality that you exist in.'

Being aware of the dynamics in our workplaces, we can take an active role in social change, simply by being interested, friendly and by being our selves. 

'In whatever line of work you have decided to put yourself in; bring yourself there. Do not hide yourself away from your workplace; live in it, because that is where you are most of your days. Bring your communities, your ideas, who you are, into these places. Do it as a member of the circle, not as a self styled leader and you will not appear as a threat to the established order, as they only comprehend the threat of another pyramid.'


Chapter Fourteen: A Multitude of Hats 

The concept of fragmentation is illustrated in our daily life by walking us through a typical day, pointing out all of the times that we shut ourselves down or present only pieces of ourselves, creating a multitude of presentations or “denied parts”. It challenges us to bring all of ourselves into the moment, through conscious intention, examination and practice. By changing our interactions with everyone around us, we then have a conscious influence on our world.

'These are the threads of cause and effect—and the MASTER can weave these threads on behalf of all of humanity if they so choose. Once a soul has found their place upon this Earth and is aware of what strings they are pulling and becoming consciously responsible for what they are about to weave, that soul is standing in their personal place of power. By being aware of all that you are bringing in, by being aware of the patterns that are already in place, one can then begin to weave a reality that changes the destiny of mankind.'


Chapter Fifteen: Earth Majic 

Chapter fifteen enlightens us to the true story of the Garden of Eden, leading us through the stories of human development on Earth to the variety of realities we now experience. The Earth is introduced as a sentient being that is our greatest teacher and healer and how our perception of her, our reactions and expectations, have an absolute effect on how the Earth responds. Miracles are defined as having a different relationship with the laws of physics and chemistry than we normally have. A very disturbing picture is painted of how many of our educational systems prevent children from knowing their planet, their greatest teacher. We can conclude that we are not at all necessary to this planet and that our effects on her have for the most part been increasingly negative; hopefully, we can turn this around.

 'It has been hoped that by the graciousness of this planet allowing you to be here, and the graciousness of this planet to give form to all of your ideas, that you would be able to learn what ideas are going to work and what are not, and this planet has allowed for this. When you understand that and you understand what it is that you believe, and why you are believing it, you can begin an entirely different interaction with this planet—a playful, fun, loving interaction.'


Chapter Sixteen: Heaven and Earth 

This chapter asks us to observe our relationship with the Heavens and helps us to bring clarity to the ideas that we each have brought here for the Earth to manifest.

'Originally, most of you were drawn to the Earth because you wanted to find a place that would accept you and allow you to create the reality of your choosing.'

 Aspects of reincarnation and fragmentation and their role in creating the diverse realities that we share on this planet are examined.

 'Each lifetime represents an aspect of your soul, of your being. When you look at it altogether, you can see the whole of yourself.'

With stories and examples, we are shown how all realities created on this planet intertwine and affect each other, and how we may find a part of ourselves manifesting in each of these different realities. This leads us to see our responsibility in every face of humanity that we come in contact with.  

'The Earth responds to light, and because it responds, it creates. So, whatever ideas about yourself or about reality that you bring here, they will come into expression, and because of this you get a chance to fully experience what you choose to believe. You get to fully experience what your ideas, attitudes, and belief systems mean, and what they are. You get to see this, because the earth allows you to. You get to taste, touch, and smell this, because the earth allows you to experience all of it.' 


Chapter Seventeen: Eden Lost 

The Earth is made in the image of the universe, just as we are made in the image of God. As above, so below is explained in a way that leaves no doubt about creation.

'What has become manifested upon the Earth contains within its patterns all of the original ripples from the beginning of time. These ripples are waves of energy that come through the Earth that all life rides on.'

It is our lack of faith in creation and our doubts in God and therefore ourselves, that cause the disharmony that creates destruction on Earth. Once we understand this concept we can reclaim our birthrights.

 'To begin to believe you are a product or consumer, to begin to believe that your destiny belongs to a corporation or a business, to begin to believe that you are owned by a country or a state, is to lose your relationship with humanity and your relationship with the Creators. What has been put in place upon this planet, has tried to impose itself upon the basic patterns of life, and has stolen your souls, and stolen your birthright.'

Chapter seventeen leads us back home to the true understandings of who we really are.

'There is much that needs to happen to bring your consciousness back to Eden and to bring your consciousness back to the realization of Eden. This is a mythology, a story, meant to represent a state of being in balance and harmony with each other and with the Earth. A return to that state is a return to balance.' 


Chapter Eighteen: Scattered Light

Chapter eighteen describes succinctly how we all unconsciously scatter our focus and thereby create things in our lives that we do not want. The belief system of “be careful what you ask for” is shown for what it is, and how we keep creating those realities for ourselves!

'The idea of denying one idea in favour of another has created a lot of polarization of light on this planet, and when you polarize your light in that way, you will also be creating the opposite of what your intent is.' 

We are offered solutions, different choices, exercises and examples to begin to heal these splits within ourselves. Once we see how we have been creating all the realities we don’t want, we can begin to focus on the ones we do.

'If everyone who hears these words could practice this, life would change. Every time you find yourself in a conflict, recognize that you have come across something that is also moving with its intent, and that is as big as you, or as big as your intent is.'

We are asked again to take personal responsibility for all that we have helped manifest here.

'To be able to go into your most feared places, your most hated places, and find yourself there and bring yourself home is the hardest work any soul has ever had to do. But it is the only work that will heal this universe and bring it to that state of expanding bliss.'

We are left with a hope that requires our full participation for it to succeed.

'God has not made a mistake here. It is painful that this is how it had to be, but through this, the universe grows in love and in compassion and through this, reality has a chance of manifesting on Earth in a state of bliss. You all have the blueprint of what it feels like inside yourselves, so you all know. You just need to practice it!' 


Chapter Nineteen: New World Tapestries.

This chapter asks us to practice focusing on what we collectively wish to experience.

If you wish to live in a balanced reality of love and peace and contentment, then that must be what you are focusing on within your own individual realities.

'Of everything that this Earth has to offer and teach you the biggest thing she has to teach you is that whatever you are holding in your ideas is what your life will manifest.'

We are cautioned to watch for our destructive processes and call those thoughts back.

'How many of you assign the power of destruction far, far more energy than you assign the power of creation? If you search within yourselves you will find that most of you believe far more in death than you do in life.'

We are left with the sense that if we all work together, we can create what we desire here.

'As long as you are willing to stand in your strength and your power and hold responsibility, then you can change yourselves, your families, your communities, your countries and your world, in whatever direction you choose.' 

It looks so simple, and so elegant.


Chapter Twenty: Weavers of Light

The final chapter brings together all the understandings necessary to create our own realities.

'This Earth is giving each one of you an opportunity to learn about being a creator. You are not here just to salvage your life a little longer; your life was forfeit from the beginning. This Earth is only lending you her atoms for as long as she is choosing to, it never was your life in the first place and it still isn’t. But, you are being given an opportunity here by the graciousness of this planet to learn to create and to be a creator, and each one of you, by witnessing what you are creating around you, are going to see all of the seeds that you have been putting out.'

It offers us hope and faith in ourselves, that the little bit we can do may be just what is needed. We understand our role in creation now. That age old question has been answered.

'You were all sent out from God so that you could learn that you are part of God, part of the collective, responsible for what you create, responsible for the reality that gets manifested in your image, responsible for your lives, and for the lives that you touch around you.'

It is exciting, liberating and just a little bit scary.

'Ha, what is going to happen when all of you realize who you are; that you are children of the Creator? You are all creators in training, and you are here on a planet who said, “Okay, come on folks; I will give you an opportunity here to plant whatever seeds you want and see what you grow".'

We are left with direction, hope, and a new sense of ourselves, our societies, our planet and our universe.

 'It is time for each one of you to become masters. It is time for each one of you to transform all of your ideas and beliefs until they are whole. It is time for you to go out and plant God’s garden.'



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