Trees the Most Spiritually Advanced Beings

For the Love of Trees

As I was vacuuming the trees on the property the other day (I know what a fantastic housekeeper I am, lol) of the invasive gypsy moth egg masses, I started thinking of how great trees are. 


We would not be able to even live on this planet without trees making oxygen for us to breathe.  Just that alone is worthy of having reverence for these amazing beings!  They provide us with shelter, cool our homes, house the animals and provide us with medicinal flowers, barks and leaves. 


Our ancestors knew of the trees' magic and were good stewards to them and the land.  They understood that trees were the keepers of history, and each tree had its own personality.  Elder trees are known for their protective properties, and their tiny white flowers are excellent for taking down a fever quickly and gently.  The elderberries are made into syrup for slowing down the replication of the flu virus. The leaves are used in salves for sore muscles, bruising and pain relief. Elderflower water is terrific for the skin and has been used for centuries.  Elder wood itself is considered to make powerful wands!


These majestic beings need our help on the planet right now, as deforestation is alarming.  Trees of the Amazon alone are disappearing, which saddens my heart as some species will disappear all in the name of progress.  Whatever that means?

Perhaps it is time to remember our roots and become stewards of these trees once again.  To give them the respect they deserve, these life-giving beings who ask nothing in return.


Listen to  a fantastic recording on 'Trees the Most Spiritually Advanced Beings".  Just hit the link and enjoy!