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On Being Human

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On Being Human was born of our desire to bring forward information and support with the intention of assisting humanity, especially during the tumultuous times we find ourselves in.


It has been our honour to work with The Council of Elders, a collective in spirit who have been assisting humanity for thousands of years. Also known as the 'Record Keepers' or 'Librarians', they have offered to provide monthly channelled talks, commentary, insights and advice for our membership site, focusing on bringing awareness to what is relevant today.


Your membership includes a monthly Mp3 choice on any subject from our 'Conversations with Red & The Council of Elders' Library. Seventy-five topics have been covered by The Council with a wide range of in-depth teachings on life, love, the Earth, the universe and 'how stuff works'. 


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You will also find Online courses, monthly Tarot Forecasts and Health and Wellness advice in your membership. We have Greening Up suggestions, Stories, Guided meditations, Personal Challenges and a Forum for discussions with the Onbeinghuman Community.


Our Community page offers lots of input from members, and 'Cool Stuff' is chock a block full of whatever amazing things of interest we just have to share with you! There's plenty to learn and explore, with enough diversity to satisfy any curiosities! 

What Our Members Say

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    I have found the website, along with the curators and creators of the website and all its belongings have only been positively helpful in my journey.

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    I admire all of the work, and offerings here in On Being Human. There’s so much to explore in its contents (courses, recordings, energetic readings, and much more) that I’ve always had a positive experience here. 

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    On Being Human is a one-stop-shop for a conscious, and friendly, community of shared wisdom, insight, and helpful tools along the human journey.                                           KV

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    'You have provided an open forum and teaching site. Your work helps us understand and prepare for the future. Hopefully we are establishing a community across the miles or kilometres that separate.'                                                      TG


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    Creators - Wendolyn, Herbalist/Healer, and Krow, Psychic Counselor/Channeler, draw upon their deep wisdom and share their extraordinary gifts. These include virtual classes and articles that promote health and wellbeing; interactive forums; and monthly Tarot forecasts which offer relevant insights. I love love love this site it is so informative and helpful in my everyday life'                  DL

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    “Human beings need connection and community to thrive. Given the times we are living in, On Being Human is a wonderful online resource which delivers just that!”

    Donna, Toronto

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    "The MP3s that Red and the Council of Elders, Krow and Wendy have made available, are invaluable!  The teachings they have provided have articulated and enriched my understanding of things seen and unseen. Many thanks!"                         ML

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    Thank you Red, krow and Wendy of for keeping me grounded during these crazy times and thereby helping me keep my clients grounded! It is so helpful to be shown 'the big picture' and receiving insights as to where we are in this journey of becoming loving humans. Thank You! AH 

The Academy

Offering unique practical courses by experienced teachers!  

"It is not meant that only a few masters benefit from the magic of the land or the skies, it is meant as a birthright for all souls”.

       Red & the Council of Elders , from 'Weavers of Light'' 


Mp3 Library 

 Mp3 Library

For six years, we went into the studio every month to record a topic of interest, amassing 75 teachings that offer one of the most in-depth educations on 'Life, the Universe and Everything' you will find anywhere today.


Topics range from Spirit Guides, Mastery, The Meaning of Life, Civilizations of the Universe, to Time, Karma, Prayer, DNA, Structure of Soul, UFO's, Afterlife, and so much more.


Have a wander through the Library and see what grabs your fancy! We think it is brilliant work from the Council that is life-altering. 


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"The MP3s that Red and the Council of Elders, Krow and Wendy  have made available, are invaluable!  The teaching they have provided have articulated and enriched my understanding of things seen and unseen. Many thanks!"                         ML

Weavers of Light Book

Weavers of Light

by Red & the Council 

A channelled book of knowledge for our changing times is a detailed but humorous look at the history that swept us to this place in time, providing us a map towards a better future.

Wisdom, advice and even homework are woven throughout the text, assisting us to mature, to take an active role in weaving a new reality that is inclusive of all life on this rare and beautiful planet.

Great perspectives, steeped in deep understandings that resonate to the core of what it is to be human, Weavers is a companion book that can be read over and over, fathoming new depths of awareness each time. 

What people say

'I am so tired of reading the dumb fluff out there. Finally a book of substance!! Every chapter resonates with what I see going on in the world. This book is really about decolonizing and reconnecting to the earth and to our own spirits. There is so much in here for all of us to understand.' 

'The Earth has the answer to every question; in fact, she has a thousand answers to most questions.'   


 Red & the Council of Elders from 'Weavers of Light' 

There are so many questions and so many answers!

Tarot readings, Personal Consultations and Channeling Sessions with The Council of Elders are available Here On Earth along with Courses, Workshops, articles, blogs, videos and more. 

Born to a lineage of mystics, with the great good fortune to pursue a lifetime of in-depth study with some of the best teachers on and off planet, my dedication is to the Earth and to a healthy future for all of humanity, not just a few.


We have a lot of healing to do and wrongs to right, but I know we have plenty of support from the Earth and the Universe on this journey to a better world for all our relations. A new way forward is possible and practical!  We've got this. After all, we ARE children of the creators!


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