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 Healing Arts

Healing is a vast subject consisting of different therapies & modalities that have been developed over the many years of human expression on this planet. All modalities have their place and can be used in combination or on their own. Sometimes natural healing therapies will do the trick, and sometimes a coalition with western medicine is the best course of action to regain or improve health.  

Natural healing methods are the oldest on the planet and use the medicines of the plants and gentle therapies to bring a person back to a state of balance. 

Just as a point of interest, 80% of the world's population still use traditional natural healing methodologies as their primary source of health care. 

Natural healing is all about living in balance, viewing you as an entire eco-system. Your emotions, thoughts and soul expression are as much a part of you as your physical body, so it makes sense to address the whole of you.

What does that mean exactly? 

Shining droplet dripping off of a green leaf


Holistic viewing entails examining patterns of thinking, emotional balance, physical issues, spiritual well-being, and other more nuanced aspects of life. Your DNA is implicitly involved, as well as past lives that may be affecting your present life. What you work at, your family life and your social life may need to be addressed if there are imbalances. There are many factors to consider. To further understand this concept read my article.

'Your Body is the Landscape of your Soul'

Green leather boound book called 'The Musings of a Green Witch.'


A healer's job is to listen, observe and choose the best tools in their medicine bag, and sometimes other healers' skills are needed to give a truly personalized program. It is essential to know that all here on this planet have health issues of one sort or another, just the nature of being human. Please remember it can take time, effort, support and care to heal, so be patient and compassionate with yourself and others. 


It takes time to become a healer. As I progress through this life, I have realized that a move to self-sufficiency is important. To this end,

The Green Witch courses are available at the Academy for all who wish to become more self reliant and be able to manage a vast majority of everyday ailments. There are stand-alone courses such as Salve & Balms (coming soon) as well as the more comprehensive Home Healer courses available.  


I am always available for a chat. Please call or email if you are experiencing any problems and need some help with your health. If I am not the right person with my particular skillsets, then we will work out what therapies may be of the most benefit to you. 


Please scroll down for more information on what services I offer, what courses are available and a little bit about me.


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Services Offered 

All levels of herbal services are available Here On Earth. From a fully comprehensive herbal consultation to a quick call for those times when minor maladies pop up, I am here for you.

Not sure what's going on with you or what you need?

Give me a call or send an email and we can chat about what is ailing you.

Have you lost your shine?

Feeling down, confused, stressed or anxious?

Light work can help stuck energy and emotions begin to flow again, allowing your body and self to get back into your right balance. 

Hands-on work is also very beneficial after surgery or trauma to shift and re-align energy flow. 

Your eyes are the window to your soul and your health. Detailed within the coloured part of the eye is a map of the physical body. A trained Iridologist can see what areas may need help coming into balance and make recommendations to support optimal health and well-being.        



I like to call this "The Works" as this type of consultation is a blend of herbal and energy work as well as using any relevant medicines in my bag. A visit involves looking at every aspect of your life to determine what therapies, customized herbal formulations, lifestyle and dietary changes may help bring you to a state of optimum health.


The Green Witch series has stand-alone courses as well as more comprehensive courses. These courses are for all levels of interest, from beginner green witches to more seasoned ones. They are designed to teach you the knowledge and skillsets to become a Green Witch and handle your personal household's daily ailments.


The Home Healer series of courses offer practical methods of dealing with your home and family's common ailments. Common sense and practical application on the use of herbs, essential oils, floral waters, energy work and much more.

Fun and easy to follow, I hope to see you there! 


Check out The Language of Plants course!

and the Salves & Balms course coming soon.

About Wendolyn

I love being a healer! Besides a good meal and a glass of wine, my greatest delight is to help people feel better. 

It has been my privilege to have studied with a loving collective of spirit, the Council of Elders, for over 25 years.  As well, my mentorship with another collective in spirit known as the Council of Healers has trained me in ways I could not have otherwise accessed. 

These two groups have helped me learn natural healing methods and have instructed me on how our societies can impact our personal well-being. Therefore, I have many streams coming into one river; the healing modalities I have studied flowing in perfect harmony with the deep understandings of how our spirit manifests on this beautiful planet. It has been a fantastic journey for which I am most grateful. 

My medicine bag is full of different healing therapies: Lightwork, Herbology, Iridology and more than twenty-five years of experience as a holistic practitioner and herbalist. 

Most days, you will find me at the Apothecary decked out in one of my many aprons, brewing and compounding the earth's medicines. My shelves are full of jars stuffed with herbs, bottles of yummy tinctures and a collection of aromatic healing salves and balms. Poultices have been wrapped up and frozen for sore muscles and injuries that come with the winter months. Aromas of all sorts fill the air. Ah, home to me! 

 How I Love my Work

I live nestled in the woods of Oakendell, our home in Warkworth, Ontario, with my husband of many years, Jim.  We live a simple life, tending our gardens, spinning yarn on my spinning wheel, and enjoying the animals and trees surrounding us.


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